Sunday, March 22, 2015


     INDIAN food tops the list since it is does not have any outside culture mixed and has its own culture flavoured in it. The number of distinct dishes found in INDIA is just out numbers it does not stop with two things like pizza and pasta. Agree the INDIAN dishes need a little hands on but believe me it is just tasty and stages/styles it involves in cooking is Stupendous. Many have notion INDIAN food is all about ckicken and paratha. But one have to go around the places to feel the variety. Agree INDIAN is about spicy but not to forget the kinds of desserts it offers not like just 2 things pastries and cakes. It has varied mouth watering desserts such as halwa (varied types of halwa such as carrot, pumpkin, wheat halwa etc., payasam (again different types under this category can be found), from rice and grams we have lot of desserts. Each state/district has different FOODs to be offered. INDIA has so many STATES/DISTRICTS in it unimaginable…

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