Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Jalebi or Jilebi is a deep fried Indian sweet which is popular not only in India but also in its neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and few other countries like Morocco and others. Jalebi was initially named as zalebi but the alphabet got replaces to 'J' instead of "Z". Jalebi was introduced during the Mughal era under the Muslim rule and was widely spread all ober middle east countries.
Jalebi is a traditional sweet which was first started from Uttar Pradesh, which is its birth place then got spread everywhere. Jalebi is a deep fried Indian sweet which is later soaked in sugar syrup with a touch of natural colouring ingredient called Kesar to add a ectastic look to it which makes it look orange or yellowish in colour. It looks like a coil and is usally large in shape but goes melting in mouth and leaves you drooling after having tasted once. It is served warm or cold. It ihas chewy like texture and is coated with crystalized sugar from outer side. There is a similar sweet called Imarti which is slightly different from it, which is also made in Uttar pradesh. But unlike jalebi, its coiled beautifully like a knitted design. Jalebis is Orissa are made of chenna (which is a dairy product). You can find them in my blog, i have posted oriya style jalebis in my blog in the name of Chhena Jalebi.
Intresting this sweet is popular in Govt offices where it is offered during Independence day and Republic day.
I came across few facts about Jalebi( through Surfing) which i would like share with everyone. The Persian word for jalebi is "Zoolbiah". In Maldives its "Zilebi, in Nepal its "jeri " or "jahangiri after the moghul emperor Jehangir in whose era Jalebi was prepared.


  1. I used to live in a city with an Indian neighborhood and while waiting for the bus, I'd enter this sweets shop with wonderful aromas and I usually left with a package of jalebi. I also like the Persian version.

    1. The taste is special .... I'm glad you like