Friday, May 29, 2015


Rhododendron arboretum is botanical name of Burans. This tree is also found in Uttrakhand and it is also state of tree. This is basically found in Top and middle of hill and also very beneficial for human and Environment. Its flowers are red colour. which is very beautiful. This flowers used for the juice. which is benefit of human body it increase the blood in human body and found in vitamin A
Buransh is a flower that has apart from it's conventional use ie providing beauty to the place where it is grown and it's internal juice that Honeybees take away to give us Honey back.It is good for increasing blood in the body and in the summer it is the Rambaan Aushadhi for Heat stroke/sunstroke etc.This flower needs to be cultivated at all the places of Uttaranchal wherever it can be grown.


Rhododendron flowers  800gms
Water 2,4 L
Sugar  300 g


Wash the flowers, add water and boil for 10 minutes.
 Strain the liquid, add sugar and boil again for 15 minutes to get a syrup.
Dilute in four parts of water and serve chilled.

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