Saturday, May 2, 2015


In the season of summers, if you make a glass of fresh jal zeera and drink it. It will give you a cool & refreshing feeling. Also its helps you reduce your stomach’s gastric problems.


 - ½ cup Fresh mint leaves
- ½ cup Fresh coriander leaves
 - 2 Lemons 
 - ½ cup Raita boondi 
 - ½ inch Ginger 
 - 1 pinch Asafoetida
 - ¾ tsp Black pepper
 - 2 tsp Cumin seed
 - 2 tsp Sugar
 - 1 tsp Black rock salt 
 - ½ tsp Salt


Firstly, clean the fresh mint & green coriander leaves and soak it in water and then use it. Peel the ginger and wash it properly.
First of all we need to grind the spices and herbs. We will put fresh coriander and fresh mint leaves into the mixer jar. Cut the ginger into small pieces and put it in the jar too. Add Roasted black pepper, cumin seeds, sugar, Asafoetida, black rock salt and salt.
Add some water. Grind the spices & herbs finely. Add 4 cups of chilled water and mix it properly. Squeeze the lemons and add its juice. Mix the drink.
Now, our fresh jal zeera is ready. Serve it now.
Garnish the Jal zeera
Pour jal zeera in a glass, Add 1- 2 teaspoon of raita boondi. Now, our jal zeera is all ready to drink. Drink it and feel Refreshed!


You can put take sugar as an optional, if you don’t want it sweet then don’t add it. 
If you want to make your jal zeera a little more spiced then mix 2 green chillies along with your masalas.
If you are not adding cold water then you serve it with ice- cubes.

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