Thursday, May 14, 2015


Juiced broccoli can help boost a person’s immune system. Broccoli is high in vitamin C, which increases the production of infection-fighting white blood cells. Adding garlic, which contains sulfur-based compounds, also has a powerful immune boosting quality.


 Broccoli stems and sprouts (head)
 2 carrot
 1 cucumber
 2 orange


Using a peeler, peel of the skins of the fruits and vegetables. Skins of oranges, sweet lime, carrot, beetroot, and cucumber must be removed initially.
Wash a large cucumber, two carrots, two oranges or sweet lime fruits. Peel them. Once you switch the juicer on, introduce broccoli into it and  must be cut into smaller pieces to be inserted into the juicer. Once you have inserted the broccoli, insert a cucumber and the two carrots. Out of the two oranges, one has to be used constantly while the other has to be juiced at the very end.
 Take an orange and insert two pieces along with the broccoli, carrot and cucumber. Once all the ingredients are juiced, insert the second orange completely and wait for the juicer to extract all the juice. Introducing the oranges at regular intervals sweetens up the juice. If the broccoli juice and orange juice are extracted separately and then mixed, the final result is a bit bitter. To avoid that, oranges are inserted in such manner. Pour the juiced mixture in a glass and serve immediately.
 Rather use cold cucumbers and carrots that go into the juicer to lower the temperature. A word of caution- the  juice is not actually sweet. We cut down on the bitterness of broccoli by adding oranges but it may not be eliminated completely. If you find the mixture very viscous, do not add water. Rather use more cucumbers and carrots. Both these vegetables have a lot of water content and they provide the liquid base for the juice. The taste may differ in that case. For variation, one can replace cucumbers with watermelon. Make sure that two of your ingredients must have high water content or the final result will be a juice and not a paste. One can replace fruits at will, but make sure that you avoid fruits that have starch, like bananas. 

 Broccoli juice is the healthiest way to to consume broccoli’s as you don’t lose any nutrients and get all the benefits. Introducing such vegetables in your diet can be really good for your health, even though they may not taste great. 

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