Sunday, March 29, 2015


Samosa is a very popular snack in India and also the rest of Southern Asia. Due to its overwhelming popularity, Samosa is conferred the title “The King of Indian Snacks”.
Samosas with Chutney
Samosa is a fried triangular pyramid shaped pastry shell with a savory potato, onion and pea stuffing, but other stuffing’s like minced meat and fish are often used. The best way to enjoy samosa is with chutney, the choice of chutney being yours, the best option being mint, coriander, tamarind or tomato. The best timing to eat Samosa is during evening with tea or coffee, which is common in India.
The people of Indian origin residing in different part of the world have contributed a lot towards the popularizing of Samosa which is now very well known in USA, UK, and other European Countries snack circle.The interesting fact is that frozen samosas are increasingly available in grocery stores in USA. Samosa is also a well known snack in Arabian countries and its demand especially increases in the month of Ramadan.
And if you are a conscious person, you can opt for baked Samosas instead of the fried ones.
Samosa is a delicious Indian snack, so whenever you get an opportunity try it and enjoy.