Monday, March 23, 2015


When we read a recipe, there are some culinary terms that we have read many times, but we don’t know what they actually mean. Following is a list of some basic culinary terms that are used very often in Indian Cooking:
Chopping – Cutting into small pieces.
Dice – Cut into small even cubes.
Grate – Cutting into fine thin strips (using a grater).
Peeling – Removal of outer layer using a knife or a peeler.
Fry – Cook in oil/ghee.
Deep Frying – Cooking in hot oil/ghee where the product or stuff actually gets covered by the oil.
Shallow Fry – Cooking in a little oil.
Roast – Over heating without any oil/ghee.
Garnish – Decorate (on top) by adding other food stuff or ingredients.
Knead – Pressing dough with hand by folding and turning till it reaches the required consistency. Nowadays dough making machines are also available
Sieving – A Process used to separate finer parts from the coarser parts (using a sieve).
Mash – Crush the food finely after softening (by boiling, roasting etc) or by using a masher.
Paste – Smooth blend of solid ingredients with liquid.
Cooking and Flavoring
Seasoning – To add spices and other ingredients to increase the flavor.
Simmer – Cook in low flame after content starts boiling.
Stirring – Mixing with a ladle.

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