Thursday, March 31, 2016


1,5 kg fish Sole cubes   
100 gm cream
10 g chilli
450 gm yogurt 
50 g coriander paste
5 g butter
30 gm ginger
5 gm fenugreek seeds
2 gm salt
15 g raw mango powder
200 gm raw mango
5 g black pepper
50 g mint chutney
50 ml refined oil
5 g jeera powder
5 g garam masala
10 g garlic
Wash the fish and squeeze the excess moisture and marinate  with ginger, garlic paste and salt.
Mix the yoghurt in a bowl, add raw mango paste  and all powdered spices and mix it well.
Check the marination seasoning and put the first batch of fish in the marination and keep for 6 hours.
Take skewers and put the fish in the skewers and cook in the tandoor till tender.
At the end season it with chat masala and lemon juice.
Serve hot with freshly made mint chutney.

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