Friday, July 17, 2015


Curry leaves; curry leaves are used mainly in southern cuisine and as members of curries. It is used abundantly.
Sesame seed; used mainly in the manufacture of breads and desserts.
Poppy seeds; seeds are very small pale yellow and slightly sweet. They tend to toast a little before use and is used in the preparation of rotis and sweets.
Cinnamon; is the dried bark of a tree of the laurel family, a mild taste sweet and spicy. Aspect I like cinnamon. It is used in curries and desserts.
Cassia bark (dalchini); It is similar to cinnamon bark but thicker and stronger flavor. Used in pilaos and meat dishes.
Fennel Seed; They are greenish-yellow color, are aromatic and sweet with an anise-like flavor. It is used in curries, fish dishes and sweets. It is one of the main ingredients of paan masala.
Clavo; is one of the most popular spices. It is used in lots of dishes both savory and sweet, especially in dals and pulaos; It is important integral part of many masalas.

Mint leaves; is another of the most used herbs, very aromatic. It is used in curries, sauces, ratias, beverages, desserts. The dried leaves are also used in rotis and marinades.

Nutmeg; is a brown seed melon similarly but much smaller (like a thimble, or so). From sweet, aromatic flavor and a piquant, hard. It is used in savory dishes, sweets and drinks. It is best grating a moment before use.

Tamarindo; brown pod is the tamarind tree, within this sheath there are a black seeds surrounded sticky pulp, this pulp which is used. Widely used in curries and sauces (chutneys) Spicy especially. It has a sweet and sour flavor reminiscent of fruit, brings a touch sour dishes.

Pepper; is one of the oldest spices. Used in granular or powder, is an important part in many curries and masalas. It is often used roasted and then ground to strengthen it.

Chiles; introduced in India by the Portuguese, soon became part of Indian cuisine. Very spicy, is fundamental ingredient in many recipes, including masalas. Provides spicy aroma and color to the dish, although the Indian cook does not let the flavor of chile hide the smell of other spices; to fry flavor is enhanced. Fresh chopped green chilies are used as ingredients ratias rice and other dishes.

Saffron; are the stigmas of the saffron flower dried. The saffron contribute to the plate color and fragrance very difficult to replace. Used in finishing many dishes, especially pulaos and byrianis.

Garlic; known to all, widely used as a condiment and in combination with ginger.

Black salt (kala namak); It is an unrefined salt that is extracted directly from its mineral form in northern India, despite its name is pink. It is a less salty salt and brings a slight earthy flavor and sulfur reminiscent boiled eggs. It is widely used in Indian classical cuisine as a substitute for normal salt mixtures called masalas and making chutneys and ratias. It is used mainly in fresh and spicy Indian cuisine salads.

Rosewater; rose water is obtained from the petals of the rose. Used in desserts, sweets and drinks.
Candi sugar; are sugar crystals, used in desserts and drinks.

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