Monday, July 13, 2015


 Dum Ka Murgh recipe or Hyderabadi Lagan Ka Murgh is a famous Hyderabadi nawabi dish prepared in every Hyderabadi kitchen. This dish is prepared with different nutty ingredients which are blended into a paste and dum cooked.


1 kg chicken cut into pieces and washed well
3 tbsp oil
1 cup ghee
 1 tbsp fried onions
3 -4 dry grated coconut
1 tsp cashewnuts
4-5  chironji seeds
1 tsp almonds soaked
poppy seedssalt to taste
1 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 tsp green chilli paste
1 cinnamon stick
2 cardamoms
1 tsp  garam masala powder
1 tsp black pepper powder
1 cup yogurt
1 cup tomato puree
1 tsp green chilli paste
2 tsp coriander leaves finely chopped
2 tsp mint leaves finely chopped
1 tsp lemon juice


 For the paste 

In a griddle/tawa, dry roast the coconut, dry roast the cashewnuts, dry roast chironji seeds, dry roast poppy seeds.Peel the soaked almonds.Make a paste of all the ingredients and keep it aside.

For the curry 

Marinate the chicken with salt, red chilli powder, ginger garlic paste, green chilli paste for about 30 minutes.In a lagan/wok  heat oil or ghee, add cinnamon stick, cardamoms, blended paste of all the nuts, stir well and cook the masala until oil appears at the sides.Add red chilli powder, green chilli paste, salt, tomato puree, yogurt, fried brown onions, mix well and cook for few minutes.Add marinated chicken, salt, chopped mint leaves, chopped coriander leaves, garam masala powder, pepper powder and cook well until chicken gets tender.Garnish with onions, coriander leaves and lemon juice. Serve with rotis or rice.

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