Saturday, April 4, 2015


Golden Temple, Amritsar – Harmandir Sahib

The Golden Temple of Amritsar is one of the best religious places of the world. This temple has been a central worship place for Sikhs since centuries. It’s a beautiful religious shrine which symbolizes the historical traditions and spirituality of Sikhs. Located in Amritsar, this amazing temple is also known by the name Sri Harmindar Sahib. This name means “the temple of God”. Every year millions of people visit this temple to experience its religious and artistic beauty. So, here are few essential facts about this amazing religious temple of Amritsar.
Religious variation in the temple- this magnificent gold coated temple shows influences of Hindu and Muslim architecture. According to legends, the design of this temple was inspired from a religious shrine of Pakistan. The temple’s distinctiveness lies in the fact that it was constructed below the surface in a depression, which was exactly similar to Hindu temples. However, numerous construction works and renovations have faded this influences and enhanced the beauty of this amazing Sikh shrine.
Amazing architecture of the temple- The architecture of the golden temple has been a central point of attraction for tourists and visitors. Almost everyone has heard about the beauty of this amazing temple. It’s beautiful architecture and dazzling combinations of golden domes and pure white marble appears amazing mesmerizing. Whether visitors to the shrine be they passer, pilgrim or tourist are stunned from the beauty and peace of this temple.
The entrance of the temple- Along with the interior, another amazing attraction of the temple is its entrances. The temple has entrance gates in all four directions. This symbolizes that it welcomes people from all four corners of the world. Unlike other shrines, it does not restrict visitors of other religions.
The beautiful lake of the temple- The next amazing attraction of the temple is its beautiful lake. The sarovar adds a lot to the beauty of this temple. During night, it reflects the image of the temple and attracts tourists and visitors. After seeing the reflection of the temple, you will surely have an amazing feeling of peace, calmness and relaxation.
So, these were main attractions of the Golden temple of Amritsar. This great shrine is a must visit place for every religious individual. It offers peace within mind and eliminates all evils perfectly. It’s a very beautiful and amazing holy place to visit..

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