Sunday, April 5, 2015


Halloumi is one of my favorite cheeses. It has the right texture, flavor and the perfect saltness.
I like to grill halloumi for salads and sandwiches. The grilling adds those yummy delicious grill marks or in this case pan marks smile emoticon and gives it a smoky flavor that I love.
I first had this sandwich for breakfast at a cafe and I fell in love right there and then. The memory is bitter sweet though because my son spilled hot tea all over me that day! But least now I remember it with a smile.
I prefer to make it with pita bread but feel free to make it with home made green tortilla or even toast.
I grill the sandwich in the end to make the bread crisp and crunchy and heat everything thing through.The heat releases the fragrance of the mint without wilting it..mmmmmmmmm
Halloumi wraps
Halloumi cheese sliced into thin strips
balsamic Viniger
thinly sliced tomatoes (without the seeds, we agreed I HATE soggy sandwiches)
Grill the cheese strips on a grill or in a non stick pan till they get those wonderful golden brown marks.
Rooket leaves , tomato slices,balsamic viniger and on one side of the home made tortilla Bread
wrap the tortilla home made green Bread and place it back in the pan or on the grill making sure thar the seam side is down
flip it once it gets golden brown and grill on the other side.
A cup of hot tea and you are set for A yummy breakfast or snack

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