Friday, April 3, 2015


With summer right around the corner, try delicious and refreshing lassi , a cold yogurt drink,popular in the state of Punjab, India . Lassi comes in many variety.

This is a typical soft drink in India, based on lean homemade yogurt with mango. The Lassi at first glance might seem a simple smoothie with yogurt, but in your mouth feels like the light and creamy juices and refreshing. It is perfect for after so many spices and new flavors on the palate

.This form of lassi is more common in the villages of Punjab provinces of India & Pakistan and north India. It is prepared by blending yogurt with water and adding sugar and other spices to taste. Salt can be substituted in place of sugar. The resulting beverage is known as salted lassi. This is similar to ayran or doogh.

In India, instead of taking water, Lassi prefer to keep the body cool as this evaporates and is absorbed by the body more quickly. Additionally, yogurt cool longer.

It can be taken with honey, mango, strawberry or even with salty. And until the drink has spices, this time with cardamom seed.

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