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What is Rasam?

It took me a long time to understand Rasam when I was working in south part of India basically Chennai And puducherry learning about India and Indian cooking. For a long time I got Rasam and Sambar confused. One of the easiest way to describe it is that Rasam is a very thin, sometimes watery, spiced dish where lentils are used for flavour but are not obvious. Sambar is a thicker dish based on lentils. Traditionally both dishes are spiced differently.
In India, traditionally all of your meal, including deserts, are served together on the one plate – a tali or metal plate divided into sections, or a banana leaf. Rasam may be served in a small metal cup along with the meal. Its purpose is to moisten the other curries and rice, as needed, or to drink as a soup or spicy appetiser
Spicy Tomato Rasam
A South Indian side dish
Can be used as a pre-dinner small appetising drink and spice hit
Can be served over rice


Tomato - 2 large
Tamarind extract - from a very small ball of tamarind
Coriander leaves - few
Salt - as required
To grind coarsely:
Cumin seeds(Jeera) - 1 tsp
Garlic - 6 to 7 cloves
Black whole pepper - 2 tsp
To Temper:
Oil - 1 tsp
Mustard - 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves - few


1. Soak the tamarind in water. Chop the tomatoes. Clean the coriander leaves and grind the items under 'To grind' coarsely. Just give it a pulse. In a pan add oil and allow the mustard and curry leaves to crackle.
2. Now add the ground coarse paste and saute it for few mins. Along with this add the tomatoes, saute it until the raw smell of the tomato leaves.
3. To this mixture add the tamarind extract and enough water for the rasam. Add required salt. Once the rasam starts to bubble, add the coriander leaves and switch off the flame.
Transfer it to a vessel and keep it closed, until you serve to preserve the nice aroma of the rasam. Serve it with steamed rice and side dish of your choice.
The Spicy, Tangy and flavourful rasam is ready to be served

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